Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Great Leveler

I keep thinking I'm getting a wall. I really want that sheet rock up. So badly. It's been sitting along the wall in my tv room for a year now, and it seems to me that it could just as easily be hung on those framed walls as it could be sitting on the floor leaning against the window.

But obviously, I'm wrong about this.

Instead, it's one thing after another. Like this newly firred ceiling of beams. Or whatever they are called. Frank had to notch out parts of it and make it all fit up there and be level and such... it took him about 4 hours to hang 5 boards... but it's level in all directions. It looks good. Seems to me we could hang some sheet rock on it now. But I bet I'm wrong about that too.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Plumbers Hat

That's the hat Frank is wearing today. Not much of hat to look at, but better than those plumber pants. Huh. Anyway... Frank is quite proud of himself. I'm right there with him. Now I think it's time to put on the electrical hat. And then the sheet rocker hat, and then I get to put on the floor tiler hat. Whoo hoo. Have I said how beautiful my floor tiles are? I'll show a picture soon.

Here is the plumbing for the sink:

Here is the toilet plumbing:

Here is the pex piping to the sink from below - more piping to go to the master bath:

Here is the mess o' drains below:

And the last shot of the day - the drain and vent pipes. The vent goes into the attic - and yes, there's a cap on it for now - it will go out the roof another day.

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Planning Ahead

It's that time of year, isn't it? When you start making plans for the new year. I guess some people call them resolutions or goals. I'm calling them plans because that is what they are. Plus they are going to happen, they are not just intentions. Not lofty goals... solid plans - with action moving forward. One step at a time.

The first thing is this cute little shed. It will go in the back yard and become my glass studio. I'm DYING to melt glass and make beads again. Just can't stand being without my studio - never thought it would take this long. So, this will go up in January. Assuming the weather cooperates. So far, the only thing I've got for it is the door, but the rest is about to fall into place.

Then there is this. The garage. It may not happen this coming year, but we will start on it. We've got a lot to do, clear the trees, excavate and level the area, survey the property, get the plans drawn up, get permits, etc. Compared to all that, the building of it seems not-so-hard. Besides, we will hire a builder for it.

Aren't they cute?

I don't even have to mention that the bathrooms are going to get done this year, well not this year, I mean in 2007, but EARLY 2007. Count on it. Because I am.

Now, I'm off to make more plans. 2007 is going to be a great year.

Scents, Cents, Sense

The house stinks. It's got smells. It's old, it's been abused. The rats had made a huge mess and we'd cleaned up that the best we could. Drainage was assbackwards and draining into the foundation. We fixed that. We've done what we could in a short amount of time. This summer, the house was doing good. I thought we'd gotten rid of the worst of it. As long as the dehumidifier runs constantly... it's ok. But then we came back from Florida after Thanksgiving... and oh, the STINK. What was it? I emptied the full dehumidifier, cleaned the cat boxes, searched high and low. Washed the floors. Searched high and low. Cleaned, air freshened, cleaned, burned highly smelly candles... still, not pleasant to say the least.

So yesterday hubby comes to me and says: "I know why the house smells."

"Why? A rat??? What is it???"

"No, not a rat. I figured it out. It's the sewer."

"What??? What is the matter with the sewer???"

"Don't worry, I can fix it. It's the vent pipes (that he's been working on since right before Thanksgiving)... They are connected to the sewer system and they need caps until I get them vented out of the house. I lit some candles, because it's extra bad today for some reason, but don't light them in the TV room, because, well, the vent pipe is venting to the TV room and because sewer fumes are gas and you don't want to blow the house up or anything. I just need to run to Home Depot and get some caps - they only cost a few cents."

'Well, go already, hu?"

(See, TV room, open to Powder Room:)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Master Bath

We have a lot more to do in the master. I've only now just started thinking about how I want it to look (got the layout down awhile ago.)

I'm thinking these glass wall tiles on two walls and the tub surround. The white subway tiles in the shower. I really want the river rocks on the floor, heated of course. At $30 a square foot, I've got some convincing to do with hubby. The glass is expensive too, so will have to measure and figure all that out. The vanity will be dark wood with (porcelain or glass?) bowl sinks and lots of drawers.

Inspiration Powder Room

This is the powder room today:

This is with the fixtures set in place, but not attached to anything:

This is where I'm going with it. Have the sink, faucet, toilet and plumbing is almost done. Marble floor tiles are in the back of my car. Need walls, lights, window, mirror, fan and door.

This is my sink, the faucet is just a little different:

It's close. Really close. It just doesn't look it. Yet.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a fun and magical holiday!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Decking the Halls