Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas in a nutshell... er, longer than that I guess.

Nice. The nicest Christmas I've had in... I can't remember how long.

Tyger got stoned on catnip and loves his new fuzzy pink slipper toy.

Zoe spent the day nursing a rawhide bone and letting us put ribbons around her neck.

Kesia went through three toys, pulling the squeekers out along with all the stuffing. She's one happy girl as she just stole the remainder of Zoe's rawhide. And will soon get Zoe's last stuffed toy and de-squeek it, I'm sure. She also has multiple ribbons on, she looks good in red.

Luke is STILL playing with the new Wii. He's all hot and sweaty and tired... it's GOOD. He got tons more of everything else a 7-year old boy could possibly want, his favorites besides the Wii are a digital piggy bank (it counts the money as you put it in) and a voice recorder/warper thing.

Frank got all new leather's for riding the motorcycle he got for his birthday last month. And a new pair of Chuck Taylors. He's also been playing the Wii and thinks it's the best toy ever.

Me. I gave out a list this year for the the first time ever and I got most of what I put on it. I got some cool glass presses - crunches and a spiral press (for making glass beads), some gold foil for melting into glass, some books and new ski gloves and socks. Some Lush bath bombs and a promise that my bathtub will be ready for a soak early in 2008. The new dishes I wanted are on backorder but no biggie. Oh, and I got a NAP, made a super easy but yummy scone recipe for breakfast and have the simplest of roasts cooking. I did NOT spend the day cooking and cleaning and waiting on everyone else... and I'm not sick. What a change from years past, I don't know how or why, but I'll take it.

OH! And it Snowed. Perfect. And the Zune got hooked up to my stereo so I've had constant nice music all day long. KT Tunstall is on now. Love. And my friend from Germany put me in an Etsy Treasury with some of my best WetCanvas friends. Yay. Only thing missing is the big family dinner, but maybe next year - my parents and grandmother are planning on moving out this way next summer.

Wishing a happy day for all of you too. Hope you got everything you wished for and nothing you didn't. Xoxo, Pam

Monday, December 24, 2007

Powder Room Colors

It's almost time to prime the walls... I need to pick colors. Originally I was thinking a silver blue with a fancy silver framed mirror. Then I got the bright idea...maybe a latte with black framed mirror... Frank is leaning more to the latte, I'm leaning more to the blue, go figure. What do you think?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's not a hole anymore!

It's kind of exciting all of a sudden again. Look! Four walls, a ceiling, a floor and a door! A real room! Not a big hole in the middle of my house. Frank is working on taping and mudding and then I get to paint and tile. It's really close finally!

powder room

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh my stars...

I made these stars to hang in my diningroom windows. Polyclay, a rubber stamp, paint and string. Pretty easy. I think I'll make some for my kitchen.



Zoe Says Merry Christmas

Zoe Says Merry Christmas

Oh, and we are hanging the door to the powder room now... and one more little piece of sheetrock to hang and that is done in there... yay!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Circle Art

Have been in the mood to paint lately and finally got a chance to do it. More circles.



Also, I decided to separate my jewelry and beads from my paintings on Etsy. So here is my new shop: TheBlueBetween.etsy.com. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Got most of the rest of the holiday decorating done today: the tree is up, the mantle is about as good as it will get, outdoor lights are hung (yay!) and I'm happy.

dining room

christmas tree

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Udate on Flooding

Things are drying out. Have added "getting a drainage specialist out here" to the house list. It never ends, does it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Go AWAY Rain.

Snagging the last 16 gal Wet/Dry Vac at Home Depot (Major Score): $100.00
Six gutter extentder jobies: $60.00
Two floor squeegies and poles: $20.00
Digging ditches, sweeping out gallons of water: Much hard work, sweat and tears

... A House that is starting to dry out: Priceless

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holiday Decorating

Haven't gotten very far... not really in the mood. Granted it's only December 2. But still. I think I'm burned out already from all the retailers having Christmas since before Halloween. Or because the house has been in the middle of remodul/flux since we moved in two years ago. Oy.

Anyway, here is all I've gotten done, seriously. I put a wreath on the door and a garland and bow on the light post... and then this inside.



Luke keeps saying "Mom, when are we going to DECORATE???" and I don't have the heart to tell him "I already did."

The Door Has Arrived

However. There is a BIG difference between raised panels and flat panels. The door will have to go back.