Monday, January 22, 2007

Mantel Woes

I loved my holiday mantel. Loved it. I loved my autumn mantel too with the gourds... and my summer mantel with the sea shells...

But what I really really want is an every-day type of mantel decor. Something simple. Something elegant yet casual and maybe even a little rustic. Something artsy. Unique.

Does such a thing exist? Not in my world. Not yet anyway.

I've got an idea. I want a mermaid. A folk art/primitive looking mermaid. On her side, on a stand. I want her to look a little like a ship's figurehead, very much like she was created by hand. She must be magical, above all else.

I'm having a hard time finding her, I'm not sure she exists anywhere other than in my head. Yet. I may have to make her. I'm thinking if there was some way to morph these two photos, I'd be close. Aside from that, I've got to either learn how to sculpt wood, or work with plaster. Or come up with about $6000 and hire the artist who created the girl in the garden below, Dinah Unruh, to make her for me. Or Jennifer Marlow maybe. Hmn... either way it's going to take awhile and my mantel is looking really... lonely and forelorn - no matter what I put up there.

ETA: Ok, wow, after doing a better google search for "mermaid figurehead" I'm finding a few more things...

Check this out - the carving of two ships figureheads from start to finish - wonderful!

And a nice old mermaid figurehead here.


Blogger Janelle said...

I live near the city of Norfolk, VA, and their city symbol is a mermaid. They have carved mermaids on display all over town.

Check out their site:

...and see if you find any inspiration! I love the idea of having a mermaid on the mantle!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

oh!!! thanks Janelle - very cool mermaids! We had a pigs on parade thing going around here in Seattle - I think some of them are still around. Mermaids beat pigs though :)

10:44 AM  

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