Tuesday, January 09, 2007


You know, it feels like a "duh" moment here... but I'll share anyway.

Yesterday I was paying bills. Our gas bill, which covers heating, hot water, dryer and two gas fireplace inserts... was huge. Gasp-out-loud HUGE. Bigger than it was, ever, last year with the old inefficient furnace and all that. It-doesn't-make-sense, kind of HUGE.

So I instant messaged Frank and told him the amount and I swear I could hear him gasp-out-loud all the way over at his office, four towns away. I told him I thought we needed to turn the heat down at night and really think about getting some sheetrock up and stop heating the attic.

No, I wasn't just finagling a way to get some sheetrock up, though I should have thought of it earlier!

So last night after we put the boy to bed, I come out to find him measuring sheetrock. YAY!!! Together we got some ceilings up, and now the house is closed off.

It's SO quiet. The wind... is muffled and not-so-scary-intense sounding. And I think.... yes... it's warmer in here.

So "duh" on us. We paid for it though, out the roof, as it were.


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