Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Power for the Studio

The electricians did their rough-in today. My studio has it's own circuit box, outlet boxes, light boxes, an in-wall heater (it will be right at my feet when I'm at the torch!) and switch boxes for the lights and blower. And a light for outside.

This is the corner with the circuit box:

This is where my workbench will be - the 4 plug box is for the kiln and is on it's own dedicated circut. I'm not sure that was necessary, but that's what the electrician thought was a good idea. One plug above the bench, one below for my oxycon (can't you just see it now?!).

And my lightboxes for my track lights:

Kind of boring, huh? But exciting all the same. None of this is powered up though - we need to dig a ditch so they can connect it all to the house power. Soon, I hope.


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