Monday, March 19, 2007

Progress Again

Nothing new to report on the Studio... they seemed to take a week off and are supposed to be here today, but I don't see them yet.

But good news is still to be had - we have the electricians in! They are running the wires to the new bathrooms and also the master bedroom - updating the wires from old knob and tube.

This is so great, not just for the obvious fact of having power in the bathrooms and safer electricicy in the bedroom, but now I can actually do some things again! As soon as they are done with the master, I'm priming and painting - remember that nice blue/green/robin's egg color? And as soon as they are done with the powder room we are putting up the walls and then I'm putting in my marble floor! And then, omgoodness - we are so close - we will have a second toilet and sink in the house. And real walls in my tv room. I'm about to burst with excitment - can't you tell?


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