Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Studio Progress

Roof is finished, including skylights. The door is hung, but something is wrong with it. Also, I bought the wrong doorknobs so they need to be returned. But close, very close. I can stain/prime/paint or whatever I'm going to do now and then put on the decorative slats so the siding matches the house. And build a porch of some sort. And.... oh it's not that close really.

The electrician is here today wiring it up and installing a wall heater. I need to call about the door problem and find out what that is all about.

I made a studio page for those of you who want to see the progress all in one place - it's going to be good for lampworkers because I'll be setting up the ventilation system and showing step by step photos of it - it's a very mysterious and confusing project for us girly artsy types who don't know what end of the fan (blower!) the air even goes in through! Check it out on my site: The Blue Between Studio.


Blogger *Linnie* said...

Hi Pam...found your blog through the HGTV forum. Lovely art studio you have. It's gonna be adorable when finished and I'm sure you'll enjoy many hours inside.

Enjoyed your photos as well!


11:30 AM  

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