Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Adventures of Living in a New Old House

We did it - we spent our first night at the new house. It was wonderful, and at the same time we didn't sleep much. Here are the highlights:

Luke rode his bike through three rooms for almost half an hour singing about all the things he loves: Valentines Day, the color pink, the color red, his dogs, his cats, his house, his mom, his dad, his family, the color tie dye, the world, the earth... etc etc. It went on for a very long time and was actually calming to watch him just circle through the three rooms over and over again listing all the things that make him happy.

Amber made an appearance and the hole in the floor got blocked up. Amber got loved on and loved back. She drools when happy.

Zoe stuck her nose in the curtained windowsill where Amber was and got a bloody nose. (I think she thinks Tyger did it - she was really hurt (feelings hurt, more so than her nose).

Tyger spent the first several hours hiding under Luke's bed, but then spent the entire (and I mean entire) night exploring every corner and nook and cranny. He's happy now - I think he likes it.

Turned on Frank's computer and discovered a couple of unsecured wireless networks in the neighborhood. Were very low strength and didn't quite cut it, but at least made me feel like I was connected to the world there. Cable guy comes tomorrow so I can have my own network again.

Turned the lights on in the Kitchen this morning and one blew. But then none of them worked. Turns out the old wiring is like old christmas tree lights - one goes out, they all go out. Frank says we must re-wire entire house too.

Managed to make an almost-hot mocha in the dark kitchen while Frank figured out the lights. The next one will be perfect, I'm sure.


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