Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eau de Rat, and the Adventure that is Our New House

What a day. Up early to clear the tribe out of the house for a showing, got up to Edmonds just in time for the Orkin guy to arrive. Yes, the stink can officially be called Eau de Rat. The offending carcass has been removed, though there is question as to whether or not there is still one in the wall or ducts as there is still a lingering and it's not just in my nose.

News on the Amber front as well - you remember the cat who was living in my chimney? Well, she moved out. She got out of the studio and it seems she did some exploring... and found an even better spot to inhabit. The floor. Yes, the floor. She found a hole in the bathroom floor, the one Frank ripped out but has not yet replaced, and crawled into the floor. And crawled some more... and went all the way to the other side of the room - 15 feet to be exact. Frank is going to be so pleased when he gets back.

Another thing he will be pleased about is that I did some yard work up there since it was another beautiful sunny day... but that is not the part he's going to like. The part he will like is that I cut yet another wire, while trimming a fern of all things. I hacked back about 20 of them - they will grow back nice and green and beautiful now - but one of them had a wire - or two of them really - one black and one tan all wound around each other - it came out of the wall, went through the fern and into the ground. But of course I didn't see it until the fern was cleared away. Ah well. Maybe it was attached to the one I cut the other day when I was cutting back that vine on the side of the house - the one that was growing into the gutter and roof... New wiring for the house - just add it to the list, eh?


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