Sunday, January 29, 2006


These doors. Found on page 13 of Where Women Create. Are what my studio will look like. Today I'm going to try to rip up the vinyl tiles and see what I need to do to the cement to get it ready for a cement treatment of some sort... and then I'll figure out how to wash the walls in these colors. Or maybe I should do it the other way around? So I don't ruin the floor when I paint the walls? I'll figure it out.

and later that day:

I went there today, fully intending to rip that floor up but it's very sticky under the tiles so I put the one I pulled up back down and now I need to figure out how to get the sticky stuff up as I go, otherwise it will be like walking on fly tape. Not good with cats and dogs and kids underfoot, I'm sure. (Then again...) Instead, I started to get the place a little organized... here it is so far, really not that interesting, but proof of progress, something I need right now.

Here it is from a few weeks ago, before I had to block the chimney up to keep that cat out of it.


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